Communications Committee

Mission Statement

The Communications Committee is dedicated to providing and updating our River City Section Members with PECG information as well as River City Section specific events/resources.

Lunch Meets

Lunch Meets is a NEW method for River City Section Members to network and meet other professionals in our Section. Lunch Meets sets up you and three other members from our River City Section for a virtual lunch. This opportunity allows you to meet other members from our Section, share work experiences, and develop mentor/mentee relationships. A list of questions will be provided to participants to stimulate the conversation. Participants will be prioritized to participate in River City Section sponsored lunches during their Lunch Meets Post-COVID19!

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River City Section Website

The River City Section Website organizes information specific to our Section as well as information pertaining to PECG. Be sure to check out the Section calendar for upcoming events!

Quarterly Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletters keeps our River City Section members up to date with PECG activities as well as our Section events. The members in the Communications Committee write these newsletters which contains updates from PECG Cooperate, River City Section Events, as well as our Section's Committee activities.

Our Quarterly Newsletter occasionally features a Member Spotlight Section which features a member from our River City Section. Anybody can be featured in our Member Spotlight. If you would like to be featured or know someone who would like to be featured, please contact Tim Chow at .

Committee Meetings

The Committee meets every few weeks to discuss the items above. We welcome our River City Section members to drop in on a meeting to hear more about our activities!

If you are interested in learning more about the Communications Committee, please contact