Political Liaison Committee

Mission Statement

The Political Liaison Committee works in a non-partisan capacity with the PECG Corporate Political Liaison Committee to magnify our voice in the political sphere. The committee assists likeminded and PECG member candidates through volunteer driven, non-financial means.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets as needed. Generally, more frequently during election cycles. If you are interested in joining the committee, volunteering for political events, or know a candidate you’d like us to support, please reach out to us at the “Contact Us” tab on the ribbon at the top of this webpage. Note, if you are a PECG Member and are running for any office (From HOA to Senator), we want to hear from you! When it comes to getting our members elected, PECG Delivers!


We rely entirely on volunteers and do not contribute money toward candidates. Volunteers come from members, friends, family, or others interested in participating in the political process. The committee cultivates relationships with our local leaders by employing people power in phone/text banking, precinct walking, and event attendance. We are always in need of volunteers, as the more participation we have, the more influence we exert. If interested, please use the “Contact Us” tab to hear more about our ongoing campaigns or meetings.

“Do I smell free food?”

If you join us for outreach events, then yes, yes that is free food you are smelling. Brought to you by the River City Political Liaison Committee.